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Birding by Bus: Where Van Life Meets Birding


In 2006, an easy-going dude from Long Island met a hot babe from Colombia. The chemistry was unmistakable. The spark formed the basis of a dynamic relationship that would embrace friendship, adventure, love… and birding! Their lives converged in Miami, Florida, the city they call home, well, sort of…

Marc Kramer and Eliana Ardila Ardila have a passion for exploring, whether it be birding a local trail, paddling a kayak through the mangroves, or traveling to a distant land. With binoculars, camera, and GPS in hand, they crave the ever-constant thrill of opening their eyes to new places, cultures, and all aspects of nature. Their mind-broadening travels have taken them from the hidden gems of South Florida, across the great roads of the USA, and to the tropical rainforests of South America and Southeast Asia. In 2018, they pursued their dream of a North American birding big year, with its own unique twist. They would leave their regular lives behind, hit the road and travel 25,000 miles from Florida to Alaska and back… in a 1978 VW Bus named “Valentina”. Throw in an Alaska wedding and trip to Attu and you’ve got the journey of a lifetime!

In their regular working lives, the two animal lovers keep busy in the veterinary field. Marc is a veterinarian, specializing in the care of birds, reptiles, and exotic pets. When he’s not curing sick birds, he also works as a bird guide and field biologist. Eliana is the executive director and multi-tasking veterinary technician for their low-cost spay and neuter clinic, Project PetSnip. She enjoys moonlighting as a professional photographer, tour guide, bird bander, and ceramicist. At home, they care for their rescued dog Baloo, two cats, a Betta fish, a bunch of happy tortoises, and a yard full of native plants.